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Q3 Release of RoQC Tools for Petrel & Studio

RoQC Data Management AS proudly anounces the Q3 release of its data management tools for Schlumberger's Petrel & Studio Manager environments.

This is a major new release which includes new apps :

  • Audit Report
  • Audit History
  • Well Top Manager
  • Fix Well Headers
  • Well Log Manager
  • Checkshots Manager
  • Seismic Data Manager
  • Interpretation Manager
  • NPD Sync
  • Trajectory Manager
  • OW Strat Converter
  • Strat Cleanup
  • Studio Deletion Manager
  • Extentions to Find/Indexer
  • Web KPI dashboard


  • Audit Report for Studio
  • Seismic Data Manager for Studio
  • Strat Cleanup for Studio
  • Studio Deletion Manager for Studio
  • Well Log Browser for Studio
  • Attribute Manager for Studio

Further tools and Studio Manager plug-ins will be released shortly !

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