About ROQC Data Management

A Software, Advisory and Consultancy company specialising in Subsurface Data Management. Based in Norway, we serve a growing multinational client base.
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To create the tools that will get the job done – not just report the problem.

ROQC creates efficient, time saving and quality assured solutions in the Subsurface Data Management domain.

ROQC was originally a consultancy driven company, where software development started as a support function to consultants out in the field. Later, the software development commercialized into what has become ROQC’s application portfolio.

Together with our clients, we aim to strengthen data governance, increase data quality and reduce data footprint whilst applying strong domain knowledge and innovative software development, in the subsurface data management domain.

A Global Presence - International Clients

Ethical Guidelines

  • RoQC and its employees are required to follow Norwegian law (or that of the country where they are working)
  • The client's integrity is absolute
  • All employees are required to sign non-disclosure declarations that protect the client
  • Our employees' health is paramount
  • We strive to work, and to encourage our clients to work, in a manner that minimizes damage to the environment
  • With each contract we do our best to ascertain the customers and our own expectations to the contract and to ensure that these expectations are met


1998 - 2000
ROQC Founded
ROQC was founded in 1998 in Tau, Norway, by Ian Barron. Motivated to develop code to speed up traditional and time consuming tasks. Launched the 1st commercial release of ROQC Tools for OpenWorks. 5 employees.
2012 - 2014
ROQC Tools plug-ins for Petrel and Studio
Began development of ROQC Tools for Petrel & Studio plug-ins at the request of SLB. Team expansion to 8 staff.
ROQC Restructures
Bjørn Thorsen as CEO, Ian Barron as CTO, Wendy Rose Aga as Services &Account Manager and Ronald Jacobsen as Sales and Marketing Manager.
The development of ROQC Sync started. An integration framework for multiple connectors.
2018 - 2019
Team Expansion and Launch
Joined OSDU™. Launched ROQC Sync for EDM™ connector. Team expansion to 12 staff.
2020 - 2021
ROQC becomes a DELFI Digital Platform partner and ROQC Tools plug-ins are certified on DELFI. ROQC launches a cloud native application, ROQC LogQA for data quality assessment of Well Logs using advanced ML.
Team Expansion and Launch
Launched ROQC Sync EDM™ connector for OSDU™ Data Platform. Team Expansion to 17 staff.

Technology Partners

Open Subsurface Data Universe

ROQC has been a Open Group member since 2019 and are contributing to the Open Subsurface Data Universe.

Digital Platform Partner on DELFI

ROQC has been an Digital Platform Partner on DELFI since 2021 and our ROQC Tools for Petrel and Studio plug-ins are certified for DELFI PTS. 

OCEAN Partner

ROQC has been an Ocean Partner since 2014 and are developing ROQC Tools for Petrel and Studio by utilizing the Ocean software development framework. 

Halliburton Landmark's iEnergy

ROQC have been a long and faithful member of Halliburton Landmark’s iEnergy development community.  ROQC Tools for OpenWorks were developed in close cooperation with a large client.

Microsoft Partner

ROQC became a Microsoft Partner in 2021

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