RoQC Tools for OpenWorks

Workflows are supported on all data types, including CRS´s, measurement systems, and any item from the VC, R or ow_data_dict tables - basically anything that is in OpenWorks.

Data Management Workflows

  • Distribution of Reference Data / Standards
  • Identification if non compliant data
  • Rectification of non compliant data
  • Management of OpenWorks data
  • Comparison between projects
  • Manage CRS´s (both at SID and Project level)

Powerful User Domain Tools

  • Auto insert Picks
  • Check stratigraphic correctness/completeness of well interpretations
  • Load, export and manage core data
  • Fault rename
  • Seismic Navigation compare and report
  • Log run manager
  • Log service name manager
  • pluss many advanced reporting tools