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Here you can find frequently asked questions (FAQ) and how-to videos regarding ROQC LogQA, Petrel plug-in, Studio plug-in, OpenWorks App and more.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Table of contents for frequently asked questions and how-to videos regarding ROQC software suite

FAQ for ROQC Sync

What is ROQC Sync?
What kind of connectors does it offer?

ROQC Sync is a framework that consist of various connectors that enables seamless, secure and quality assured transfer of critical data types between interpretation and data platforms.


ROQC Sync Petrel and EDM

ROQC Sync Petrel and NPD/DISKOS

ROQC Sync Petrel and OpenWorks

FAQ about ROQC Tools Plug-in for Petrel

Where can I find RoQC tools for Petrel?
Can I get an overview of my Petrel projects with RoQC Tools for Petrel?
Do ROQC Tools only provide a quality overview of my Petrel project environment?
For which data types can I audit/correct data using ROQC Tools for Petrel?
Can I find duplicated data with ROQC tools?
My seismic disk is almost full. Can ROQC tools help with this?

ROQC Tools for Petrel is a plugin to Petrel. The tool appends Petrel functionality and is part of the native Petrel menu.

Yes, RQQC Tools for Petrel provides automated audit functionality to get an overview of data quality issues across all Petrel projects.

In addition to auditing capabilities across multiple projects, ROQC tools also provide various correction tools to rectify any reported data quality issues

ROQC Tools for Petrel provide a set of tools to audit and correct all major data types (wellbore, checkshot, well log, trajectory, stratigraphy, well top , attributes, seismic, interpretation)

ROQC Tools for Petrel will provide you with an overview of various types of data duplication, such as logs and seismic data. In addition ROQC tools for Petrel provide a tool set to rectify these situations.

ROQC Tools for Petrel provide a full inventory seismic listing of all seismic data used across all of your Petrel projects. In addition, the tools provide an overview and correction capabilities to deal with duplicated seismic, internal seismic and/or orphan seismic that you may have in your Petrel project environment. All of this leading to disk optimization.

FAQ for ROQC Tools Plugin for Studio

What is ROQC Tools plug-in for Studio?
What kind of audit report does ROQC Tools plug-in for Studio offer?

Native Studio Manager Plug-in consist of multiple features that are very fast and powerful tools to manage Studio data.

The Audit Report lists not only errors and potential errors, but also things that may be useful in checking the quality of the data. If “Statistics” is chosen, Audit Report also generates Data Quality and Quantifying Data Completeness metrics.

FAQ for OpenWorks App

What data types does ROQC Tools for OpenWorks support?
What kind of data management does the ROQC Tools for OpenWorks offer?
What can I do in ROQC Tools for OpenWorks?

ROQC Tools for OpenWorks support workflows on all data types, including CRS, measurement systems, and any item from the VC, R or ow_data_dict tables – basically anything that is in OpenWorks.

Data Management Workflows

  • Distribution of Reference Data / Standards
  • Identification if non compliant data
  • Rectification of non compliant data
  • Management of OpenWorks data
  • Comparison between projects
  • Manage CRS´s (both at SID and Project level)

ROQC Tools for OpenWOrks offer powerful user domain tools

  • Auto insert Picks
  • Check stratigraphic correctness/completeness of well interpretations
  • Load, export and manage core data
  • Fault rename
  • Seismic Navigation compare and report
  • Log run manager
  • Log service name manager
  • pluss many advanced reporting tools


RoQC LogQA is a cloud native application which, depending on deployment, can connect to OSDU, DELFI, ProSource or local LAS format files.
How does ROQC LogQA work?
Does ROQC LogQA Visualize and rectify errors?
What curves can ROQC LogQA access?
Can ROQC LogQA Handle duplicate curves?
Is there a dashboard function in ROQC LogQA?
Can I defined my own charts in ROQC LogQA?
Does ROQC LogQA handle data clean-up?
Does ROQC LogQA help with mainentance of classifications & units?

RoQC LogQA is a cloud native application which, depending on deployment, can connect to OSDU, DELFI, ProSource or local LAS format files. RoQC LogQA then uses deterministic and ML (Machine Learning) analysis to rapidly identify substandard or suspect log data.

RoQC LogQA also provides extremely flexible tools to visualize and efficiently rectify the errors. The user has full control over which curves get fixed, from targeting individual curves in one well, to all curves that the user has access to. A user can realistically target the cleanup of millions of curves – dramatically increasing the quality of the curve data as required for digital oilfield workflows.

You have access to all entitled data in current OSDU Partition.

Yes, ROQC LogQA handles duplicate curves with ease. It does identification of binary duplicates & controlled deletion of duplicates.

Yes. ROQC LogQA offers a great dashboard which gives a great overview of for example:

  • Confusion plot (ML vs. Deterministic)
  • Overview of data volumes/types
  • “Live” charts directly linked to clean-up functionality

Yes, you can defined your own charts, which are “live” and linked to clean-up functionality. You can also filter charts to specific data source/kind.

Yes. ROQC LogQA can clean-up a number of different data sets. For example:

  • Curves sent from the grids or from charts
  • Set up matching criteria (e.g. all values less then 0.0)
  • Run on all the data in the clean-up queue
  • All changes are made in place in OSDU
  • View before and after curves. Rollback any changes you do not like. 

Yes. ROQC LogQA does maintenance classifications & units. Maintain corporate or asset classifications, unit mappings. Add new unit mappings as the system identifies a requirement for it. 

Maintainence name resolution. Maintain corporate or asset mappings between the name types in OSDU and what you want displayed on screen. Seperate priorised listings for well/wellborne name/uwi.

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